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Doosan Machine Tools ................................

Since Doosan Machine Tools began producing machine tools in 1976, their business has expanded to include turning centers, machining centers, CNC boring machines, electric discharge machines, laser-cutting machines, aspheric turning centers, and automation systems. By growing their product line through diligence and technological innovations Doosan has become one of the five largest manufacturers of machine tools in the world.

Doosan Machine Tools successfully developed first-class technologies at their turning and machining centers. They also lead the automation system industry by building infrastructure for businesses with machine tool-related technologies, as well as developing hybrid multi-functional equipment.

Doosan Machine Tools has obtained various certifications which has confirmed their industry-leading position (such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, CE, UL, EMI, and EMC certifications). An overseas sale network, service networks, and large-scale production facilities include FMC and FMS with around-the-clock operations to meet customer demands.

For more information about Doosan’s technology see their video at:

Southwestern Industries...

Since 1963, Southwestern Industries, Inc. has been an industry leader in innovative products for machinist productivity. It is understood that low volume work, including prototypes, tooling, fixtures, molds and repairs, is different than production work. The problems are different, the people who do the work are different, and the equipment and support have to be different, too. Solutions that are good for production environments are not suitable for non-production work.

This line includes TRAK bed mills, knee mills and lathes and retrofit products that feature the popular ProtoTRAK CNC. The CNC technology of the ProtoTRAK blends with a natural user interface that makes even advanced operations easy. From manual to CNC operation, you have the productivity of a CNC without giving up control of the machine. Skilled machinists are expensive and their work is valuable. Equip them with the tools that help them perform at the top of their craft.

United Grinding Technologies..............

United Grinding (UGT) is the leading supplier of grinding machine technology and support in the in the USA, Canada and Mexico. UGT has two locations, sales support for cylindrical grinders, surface grinders and profile grinders is provided out of Miamisburg Ohio, while tool grinders, saw grinders and measuring machines are supported out of Fredricksburg, Virginia. Being Q1 and ISO certified, UGT is the flagship brand for the world’s premier names in grinding Blohm, Ewag, Jung, Magerle, Mikrosa, Schaudt, Studer and Walter.

We are the exclusive North American distributor of world-renowned metal fabricating machinery.

Mitsui Seiki.........................................

Mitsui Seiki offers a lineup of machines extending from jig boring, jig grinders, horizontal and vertical machining centers, to 5-axis machining centers and screw grinders that support the world’s leading industries.

A Mitsui Seiki machine is created with a combination of highly advanced design, engineering, processing, assembling and measuring skills. In addition, an optimal factory environment that takes into consideration factors such as temperature is essential. Dexterous skills handed down over the last 70 years and their factory environment, allow Mitsui Seiki to create these extraordinary machines.

Since 1915, customers across the globe have praised the reliability and precision of OKK horizontal and vertical machine tools. It is OKK’s philosophy to assure 100% quality control by producing all key components in house, so for their machine tools, all key components are original OKK parts.

Willis Machinery opened its doors in 1963. Since then, they have been supplying top quality metal working equipment from manufacturers in Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, The Netherlands, Poland, Sweden and Taiwan.

Tacchi manufactures CNC lathes, turning centers and deep-hole borers. Other machines include machines to manufacture extrusion screws, ball valve machines, crankshaft turning machines, turbine rotor turning machines, machines for the railway industry, machines for turning paper rolls, roll turning machines, skiving and roller burishing machines.

Jobs has been producing high-power high-speed machines and automated milling systems with 3 and 5 axes, which are employed world-wide by the most advanced manufacturing industries for ultra high-tech machining. Jobs exports 80% of its production to the most industrialised countries and its main site employs approx. 200 employees. Jobs is a benchmark company in the field of high-performance machining in the Aerospace/Aeronautics, Car Industry, General Engineering and Energy fields. Jobs can ensure a high level of performance of its products thanks to the employment of the most advanced technologies in design, production and quality control.


Amera Seiki has been manufacturing quality CNC Machine Tools since 1991 and is one of the largest importers of CNC Machinery in the United States specializing in the sale of CNC Turning Centers and Vertical Machining Centers. There are over 1000 Amera Seiki machines in use throughout the United States.

The Minster Machine Company is a world-class supplier of equipment and services for the material forming industry. Minster provides the industry with single source, total solutions including: mechanical power presses; feeds; straighteners; reels; coil cars; die transfer tables; press controls; training programs; production monitoring systems; inspection services; preventative maintenance services; remanufacturing services; technical consulting services; press relocation services and a host of other programs designed specifically for the material forming market.

Since opening their doors back in 1919, DoAll has the most complete line of blades in the industry. DoAll combines maximum performance and versatility with guaranteed accuracy. DoAll has a full range of metalworking fluids for machine, grinding or sawing. DoAll also provides custom handling solutions, automated storage and retrieval and related accessories
















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